Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Staff

Meet the Temple Team

Senior Leadership Team

Principal- Ms S. Talib

Deputy Principal - Ms R. Foolat

Department Leaders

UKS2 - Ms R. Foolat

LKS2 - Ms. N McGeorge

EYFS & KS1 - Ms. K Wood

Admin Team

Bursar - Mrs L. Ashton

Mrs B. Clayson

Mrs L. Smith

Ms R. Ford


IT Manager - Miss N. Iqbal


SENDCO - Ms K Howarth

Speech & Language Therapist - Ms. A. Jolley

School Counsellor - Ms. H. Murphy


Ms. A. Shakil

Ms. E. Basiakouli

Ms. L. Odiowei

Mr M. Thompson

Ms P. Ahmed

Ms. R. Atayde

Ms S. Irfan

Ms. S O’Brien

Ms. S. Noble


Family Support Workers

Ms. N. Sattar

Ms. N. Parvez

Early Years Team

Ms. A. Hussain

Ms. G. Hussain

Ms H. Carrington

Ms. J. Farrell

Ms. J. Golombeck

Ms. J. O’Reilly

Ms. L. Fallon

Ms. L. Walsh

Ms. S. Irfan

Ms. V. Speed

Key Stage 1 Team

Ms A. Jan

Ms A. Madden

Ms A. Shakil

Ms A. Stanley

Ms D. Kaur

Ms E. Peat

Ms. F. Elramli

Ms. H. Evans

Ms K. Wood

Ms L. Odiowei

Mr M. Wilkins

Ms. N. Ali

Ms P. Ahmed

Ms. R. Boulton

Ms S. Hewitt

Lower Key Stage 2 Team

Ms. A. Gardeli

Ms A. Hanif

Ms. A. Kurhasaj

Ms. A. Kurtula

Ms A. Madden

Ms A. Shakil

Ms E. Gibson

Mr. J. Beaumont

Ms M. Kassam

Mr M. Thompson

Ms N. McGeorge

Ms. R. Dar

Ms S. Noble

Ms S. O'Brien

Ms S. Parveen

Ms S. Teale

Ms Z. Baraki

Upper Key Stage 2 Team

Ms A. Madden

Ms E. Basiakouli

Ms H. Dennett

Ms. K. Bailey

Ms K. Howarth - SENCO

Ms. K. Singh

Ms L. Lowe

Mr. M. Thompson

Ms. R. Atayde

Mr S. Keable

Mr S. Kelly

Ms V. Ioannidou

Ms Z. Thorpe