Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Nursery Team

I am Mrs Callaghan, the EYFS lead.

I love to read, and I love to be in my garden. I have a cat called Sheilagh and a son called Dylan.

In class I love to be outdoors, and you will often find me playing in the water tray or building big structures with the crates. 




I am Mrs Aguilera, the Nursery lead.

I enjoy reading and going for walks. I have a cat called Nina!

In Nursery I love to read stories with children and playing with the play dough. You will always find me in the garden planting and looking after the vegetables. 

I am Mrs Johnston

I like cooking and going to the park!

In Nursery I love to take my group to the cook-it room to make delicious food to share. You will always find me in the reading area so why don't you come and snuggle up and share a book with me?




I am Mrs Raja.

I have four children and love to listen to music.

In Nursery I like to play outside and you will always find me being active playing team games.

Why don't you come and play ball games with me? 




I am Ms Amina.

I have two children who are at high school. I love spending time with my children and my beautiful family.

I enjoy arts and craft, being creative and baking. I am looking forward to helping you all, making you feel comfortable and safe in our amazing Nursery. 

I am Mrs Farrell.

I have a beautiful daughter called Miay and a pet rabbit called Zeus.

I enjoy going for walks in the countryside, going to the cinema and theatre. I like listening to music and especially love to dance, so I hope we get to do this often. 




I am Ms Hussain.

I have four daughters and a beautiful baby grandson. I enjoy cooking and trying different cuisines.

In Nursery I love to spend time at the mark making table, drawing pictures. 




I am Mrs Walsh.

I have two grown up children and love to spend time with them and the rest of my family.

I can't wait to help you learn through play and if you need something to play with I will find or make it for you. I like being a bit silly and having lots of friends in the Nursery.