Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Our Learning Spaces

We are proud of our Nursery and all of the learning areas we have to offer our children. 

In our Nursery, all of our areas are set up to support your child to learn through their play.  We believe that it is vital for children to be as independent as possible, which is why all of our resources are displayed on open shelving for the children to choose from.  The resources are carefully selected to help the children learn and we keep the same basic ones in each area for the whole year.  Each week resources are added to link to the topic that we are learning about or what the children have shown an interest in.  There are always adults who are observing and responding to the children’s play, moving the learning forward. 

Shelving in every area is cleaned daily by the cleaning staff, and Nursery staff clean plastic resources every week and wash soft items such as cushion covers and dressing up clothes as necessary.  All resources are risk assessed using a ‘risk benefit’ system and a daily risk assessment is carried out every morning before the children arrive to ensure that the environment and equipment is safe. 

Our areas include: sand tray, water tray, playdough table, mark making table, creative workshop, fine motor skills table, large construction, small construction, reading, maths, topic table, small world, open snack table, home corner and an additional role play area. 

We have toilets and changing facilities on site. 

Below is a video created by our dedicated nursery team, here at OA Temple, to show our new nursery parents how lovely our nursery provision is, and the wonders that await their children.