Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Role of Parents

At Oasis Academy Temple, we understand the vital role of our parents and carers, and strive to work together for the benefit of your child.  We aim to build strong relationships with all of our parents and carers through open and honest communication at all times.  Members of staff are always available for a quick word in the morning or at home time, but if you need a more in-depth discussion, we will arrange to see you as soon as possible at a mutually convenient time.   

Each child will have a peg and a tray with their picture on.  Your child’s coat and bag with a change of clothes will go on their peg.  Their school bag will go in their tray or a large box on their class carpet.  Any letters or forms will be handed to you or your child at the end of the school day or be posted on Tapestry.  If you have any forms to return, then you can either hand them to a member of staff in the morning or put them in your child’s school bag.

We welcome our parents into our setting for events such as our Stay and Play sessions.  These are built around special celebrations such as Diwali, Eid or Mother’s Day where you can come and do some craft activities with your child.  Parents are also welcome and encouraged to attend events such as Sports Day and class assemblies. 

We post our photos and observations of the children on Tapestry and encourage our parents to do the same so that we can talk about what your child does at home with them. 

Sharing our resources with you

We want to share what we are teaching your child with you. It takes a community to help raise a child well, and we believe that in working with our parents and carers we can ensure that each child is getting the opportunities they deserve to consolidate their learning and take it with them as they grow up. 

All new learning resources will be shared with you half-termly (through our curriculum newsletters) for you to use with your young ones over the weekends. You can also find tip sheets and learning resources here on our for inspiration.