Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Voice

We believe that students learn better when they are engaged with the way that their education is delivered. By allowing your students to feel empowered in their position within the Academy, you are giving them a pedestal to stand on and be heard, thus creating a passion for their environment and essentially - their education.

THE P.E.T.    

P.E.T stands for Pupil Education Team and is responsible for driving the strong student voice for learning that exists at Oasis Academy Temple. Made up of a fantastic group of KS2 pupils, the PET run projects which set expectations of the type of learner we want our children to be at our school and for life. The activities through the year include:

  • Carrying out pupil voice on subjects/topics and new initiatives
  • Conducting research on how we can equip and develop the children as learners at Temple Oasis Academy by visiting other schools
  • Reporting on the enjoyment of learning across the school 
  • Meeting with subject leaders who need representatives to help them monitor the impact of their subject
  • Being part of the interview process to help select future members of staff for our school
  • Running competitions to motivate children to apply their learning

Each student gets the opportunity to put in an application for a place on the PET Team, with encouragement from teachers and support staff within the academy, where a selection will be put forward for interview. At the start of the year there is a special assembly, introducing each member to the academy and giving them a chance to explain why they wanted to be a part of the PET. 

Our PET team is well and we value their input and enthusiasm every day.