Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Super Learning Day

During this Super Learning day, the children will be introduced to six Skills 4 Life inspirational figures with each year group having the opportunity to explore one character in detail through various tasks. Through this learning, the children will acquire an understanding of what each Personal Learning and Thinking Skill is and how they can show these skills in their own learning. These will become the children’s learning behaviours. Please see below for more information relating to each of these Personal Learning and Thinking Skills. 

On Monday 20th April:

-       Teachers will introduces the 6 Skills 4 Life inspirational figures and how they will be used in school

-       Explain which character their year group will focus on

-       Set 3 activities for the children to complete across the day

-       Competition -  the best and most creative activities from each year group will be displayed on the whole school Dojo page

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