Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


At Oasis Academy Temple, we understand the importance of music and how music can exercise our brains to create a strong foundation for learning. When enjoying music, we engage the auditory, visual and emotional parts of our brains. This connects the two main parts of the brain and exercises it like a muscle. When children are playing instruments, their brains operate in an extremely complex way. The auditory, visual, emotional and kinaesthetic parts are all active when playing an instrument and this rarely happens when participating in most activities. 30 Years ago, it was believed that music only activated one side of the brain. Recent studies prove that this is not true and that it activates the brain on both sides. Neuroscientist have discovered that whilst playing an instrument, our brains operate at an extremely high level and is the equivalent of taking your brain to the gym. It is for this reason that it is very important for children to listen to music and where possible, learn to play an instrument. Most adults can sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,’ even if the last time they sang the song was over ten years ago. Why is this? Music has the ability to transfer knowledge into our long-term memory and this is why we can sing an old song and yet not remember other information. In nursing homes, elderly people who are suffering from memory loss, will often sing songs from the past. They will sing the correct words, melody, rhythm and timing despite not being able to remember anything else. Why is this? Historically, music and language were developed at a similar time by early humans which is why we naturally connect with music. Music naturally resonates with the limbic part of our brain which controls our emotions. This part of the brain is five times more powerful than any other part of the brain which is why we are able to easily recall memories that are stored there.  The more we can connect our learning to music, the more likely we are to store our new memories in the limbic part of the brain. Imagine never forgetting everything that you have ever learnt! Music is the magical element that can make this a possibility. 

We currently have lots of opportunities at Oasis Academy Temple for children to participate in music. We follow a fantastic music scheme called Charanga which covers all areas of music and provides lessons for children to learn an instrument at home as well as in the academy. We have wider opportunities on steel pans for year four children where each class has steel pans lessons for a whole term.  Finally, we have several extra-curricular music clubs taught by One Education and our academy adults. 

The current music clubs are:

Throughout each year, we also attend every possible music event such as; The Big Sing, Singaround, The Camerara, The Music Showcase and events at the Bridgewater Hall. Where possible, every year group will attend a music event at some point during the year. Every half term, the music clubs come together to put on a fantastic music show for the whole academy. This is a great opportunity for the children to perform to an audience and for the parents to enjoy the music that the children have learnt to play.

Mr J Beaumont – Music Coordinator & Music Subject Champion for North West Oasis Academy