Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Localised Curriculum

The OCL curriculum is a bespoke curriculum, designed to meet the ethos and aims of the trust and to give advantage to the disadvantaged in providing a world-class education for all children we serve. The nature of the design in using technology to gain detailed insight into children's starting points and teach into any gaps means delivery will automatically vary in each academy to meet the needs of the student in that specific setting and cohort. The knowledge selected has been carefully considered to ensure children know the best of what has been thought and said and is broad and deep in terms of equality, diversity and inclusion.

There are some areas of the curriculum where academies develop content further to include localised and contextual information such as the 'Who am I and Who am I becoming' theme where children look at their local history and geography and element of PSHE where local safe guarding considerations are more specifically focussed on where necessary to do so. Leaders in these areas can discuss this localisation in more detail.

The Oasis Academy Temple curriculum has been designed and tailored to meet the needs of the community we serve. We serve a community with high social deprivation but has a rich mix of religions and cultures. Children and parents who have a passion to learn and want the best for their children. Our children come from 23 different countries and between us we speak 27 different languages. Our motto and vision, ‘All Different, All Equal’  therefore feeds into making sure that our family here at Oasis Academy Temple can live happily together and benefit from inclusive and supportive learning.


We plan a full year of enrichment opportunities to give the very best experiences for our young people. These are often tied closely with the community we share and it's history, and are linked with the overarching topics children are covering each term. This is something we call 'Cultural Capital'.

We are proud of the opportunities we offer our pupils and in the past have run events such as:

  • Visits to the Royal Exchange Theatre for a 'Singaround' with other Manchester based schools
  • Trips to Robin Wood activity centre
  • World Book Day
  • Healthy Eating lessons
  • Academy Awards events
  • Shakespeare Week
  • Urban Debate League
  • Poetry and Animation
  • Roald Dahl Day

Find out more about what cultural capital opportunities your child will get with us.