Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Class Reading Champions

Class Reading Champions

We are pleased to announce our Class Reading Champions! 

Following some lovely and very inspiring sessions today around Reading and the culture of Reading in our schools, we are pleased to announce our Class Reading Champions! These are children in Y2- Y6 who have been selected by their teachers as excellent peer role-models for their classmates.

Drum rolls please...

Fatima 2S

Aziz 2W

Lossi 2B

Ahmed 3BW

Barirah 3C

Tawheed 3W

Rayan 4H

Meniri 4B

Qasim 4BH

Sanad 5M

Simaba 5P

Mohid 5K

Adris 6M

Yousaf 6D

Hadee 6T

Congratulations to our Class Reading Champions. Well done - we are all very proud of you!

These children will wear a 'Reading Champion' badge to be easily identified by other children for conversation around books and their recommendations with both peers and staff. If you see a Reading Champion around school, next half term, please do talk to them about books! 

Next half term, stage two of the Reading Champion plan will start - using the Reading Champions to facilitate quality Book Talk and share recommendations with their classmates.

We know many of our staff have a great passion for reading and would love to be part of the discussion around how we steer and guide this Reading culture. For this reason, in Autumn B, we would also like to set up a group of Staff Reading Champions. We would meet on TEAMs and gather practical ideas for how we, using our Reading Champion children as drivers, can build a culture of reading in every classroom.