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This Week's Learning Journey in Nursery

This Week's Learning Journey in Nursery

Read all about the amazing learning that has been taking place in Nursery this week!

This week in Nursery, we have been reading the book: 'Tiger Days, a book of feelings'.   The children have been looking at emotion stones and masks to help them identify feelings and they have been talking about how they feel.  Zaifullah said, "I was sad and now I am singing happy."  Amelia said, "I am happy." Irhaa said,"I am silly." and Lia said, "I am happy because the sun is outside!" which made our day!

Outdoors this week in Nursery, we have been reading the book 'Leaf Man' and making our own leaf people.  The children enjoyed using natural objects that we found in our wonderful nature area to make their leaf person.  "My is feeling sad" said Hafsa.  The children talked about the features on their leaf person making sure to include eyes, nose, ears and mouth. 

The children have found some potatoes growing in our allotment!  When Mrs Walsh asked what we should do with them Hafsa said, "I want to make soup!"  So the children scrubbed the potatoes in the water tray and then decided that we needed to have pumpkins and carrots in the soup too.  The children enjoyed cutting up the vegetables and putting them into Mrs Farrell's soup maker.  Some of them tried the soup and it was (mostly) a smash hit!